Link – Lawsuit says Baylor University football players in Waco, Texas videotaped a gang rape, which was considered a ‘bonding experience’

A new Title IX lawsuit filed against Baylor University was filed Tuesday night, according to the Waco Tribune, and it includes details of a gang rape by as many as eight football players.

The Tribune story said that the suit alleges:

… the football team had a system of hazing freshman recruits by having them bring freshman females to parties to be drugged and gang raped, “or in the words of the football players, ‘trains’ would be run on the girls.”

Considered a bonding experience by the players, according to the suit, the rapes were also photographed and videotaped, and the plaintiff confirmed that at least one 21-second videotape of two Baylor students being gang raped by football players had circulated.

I know a lot of people want to say that Art Briles was just a scapegoat for problems at Baylor that he had no knowledge of or anything else, but as the stories keep trickling out about what went on at Baylor in those years, I can’t feel sympathy for anyone who was involved in the football program. That place was a disaster and everyone involved in it needed to be fired. They’re lucky the program doesn’t get the “death penalty” honestly.

And a lot of the players should be in jail.

Photo by DHuiz

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