Link – Will Ezekiel Elliott’s St. Patrick’s Day video end up on Roger Goodell’s desk?

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This is not a good look, when the NFL is already looking in to you regarding your behavior toward women. Zeke might want to take a minute and remember who he is, and that he will almost always be on video when out in public because of that.

“TMZ has posted two videos of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott appearing to pull down the shirt of a woman at a St. Patrick’s Day event, exposing her bare chest.

The video shows Elliott, having a beverage on a crowded bar rooftop, pulling down the woman’s shirt while a St. Patrick’s Day Parade went on below them this past Saturday. According to the report, a rep for Elliott told TMZ “it was all in good fun” and that the “woman wasn’t upset.” But the second of the two videos also appears to show her perhaps trying to ward off Elliott’s hand for a second grab of her shirt.”

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