Link – Could this pro football league help fix a nagging NFL draft problem?

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“From three different backgrounds came one unifying realization – there is a gap in the current system both for certain players to reach the NFL as well as how the NFL can identify talent.

Now they are about to do something about it.

The three are spearheading Pacific Pro Football, which is set to begin play in the summer of 2018. This is a new professional league, yet it isn’t looking to compete with the NFL – a la the now-deceased USFL or XFL.

It is instead, a right-sized developmental option for young players. It has the potential to change the route to the NFL for many who neither want, nor find worth, in the current NCAA system. And it will give the NFL, which is often frustrated at the style of play and the secrecy of the college ranks, a place with a preferable set-up for training and identifying potential draft picks.”

Yes, yes, and more yes. It’s not perfect, but I love the idea. Let’s have an actual minor football league, where players can be developed, scouted, and more importantly, paid, before getting the the NFL that doesn’t require them to figure out how to spend 3 years of college when that doesn’t make sense for them.

Here’s hoping this idea catches on!

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