Why we Watch Sports – Aussie Football Version

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PeteLinforth / Pixabay
PeteLinforth / Pixabay

In a year that has already seen unlikely the highly title won by Leicester City in England, the Cleveland Cavaliers breaking the Cleveland curse, and Iceland, of all countries, finding huge success in Europe, I suppose it’s only fitting that I find myself this weekend in Australia catching the Grand Final of the AFL, and learning about the 62-year drought that was put to an end by the Western Bulldogs, despite their captain being lost to injury three weeks into the season, and a history that almost saw the club merged with another years ago, and has not seen anything close to a championship since 1954.

Seriously, they finished 7th this season, but somehow won 4 playoff games, including over a three-time champion in the semis and the highly-regarded and historically successful Sydney Swans in the final. Because, of course they did.

It’s been that kind of year in 2016. There’s only one more stunning, historic, championship left to finish out the year. Cubs fans, you’re up…



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