Link – Islanders haven’t received any offers for Halak

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“Staple said on Twitter that he thinks the Isles offering around Jaro had more to do with making a point than anything else, and I think that’s probably right on the money. Garth Snow doesn’t have much tolerance for the nonsense that went on this weekend, and he needed to send a message that it won’t be tolerated further.”

Say what you will about Garth, and I’ve been vocal in my opinion that he gotten this last off season all wrong, but he definitely doesn’t play games with players and agents. I was stunned that Walsh tweeted what he did about the Isles goalies this past weekend, because it turned the team into a soap opera out in public, but Snow was sure to put an immediate end to that.

Of course, the situation with the goalies is stupid and remains that way, so let’s not forget it was Snow it has let that go on in the first place!

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