Link – Investigation of Baylor University said Art Briles failed to alert police of allegations

“In May, Philadelphia-based law firm Pepper Hamilton released a scathing report about Baylor’s handling of sexual assault allegations. That report led to the demotion and then resignation of former university president and chancellor Kenneth Starr; the firing of football coach Art Briles; the suspension and then resignation of athletic director Ian McCaw; and the firings of multiple athletic department employees.

The Journal on Friday quoted Baylor regents who detailed some of the Pepper Hamilton findings for the first time. According to the regents, in at least one case, Briles “knew about an alleged incident and didn’t alert police, the school’s judicial-affairs staff or the Title IX office in charge of coordinating the school’s response to sexual violence.””

This is the sort of information that had not bee n public before and had led many people to feel that Art Briles was simply a scapegoat and would have no problem working in the NCAA or even NFL again as soon as this attention sort of blew over.

If he knew about a sexual assault involving even one of his players and didn’t report it, neither one of those organizations should ever want to be connected to him. Hiring Briles at this point would only go to show that you don’t care about sexual assault. Probably not a good image.

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