Link – Bill Belichick’s latest masterpiece involved a rookie third-string QB running circles around Texans

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NFLBelichick certainly has more complete testaments to his coaching acumen – 13 AFC East titles in 15 seasons; four Super Bowls rings; a space waiting in the Hall of Fame. But few will be sweeter than this one: A 13-5 record with the three quarterbacks who have stepped in and started for Brady. That’s right. Brissett is now a piece of the answer to, “What has Belichick done without Brady?” Belichick still wins. Just like he did with Matt Cassel. Just like he did with Garoppolo.

The most surprising thing to me about the Thursday night game was not necessarily that the Patriots won, but that they just drilled the Texans with Brissett. Yeah sure, we all figured Belichick would have a game plan to help out the young QB, but I think we also all figured that with only 3 days ti implement that game plan, it wouldn’t work to perfection the way this one did. Nor did we think Houston would kind of be a mess on offense, though maybe we shouldn’t ever assume that Houston wouldn’t be a mess on offense against a well-coached defense in retrospect.

Tip of the cap to the Patriots. Still not a fan, but you have to respect it. Especially after your own team went 1-11 last year without it’s top QB. 😉

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