Dak Wasn’t Enough

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pickleat / Pixabay
pickleat / Pixabay

So Dak Prescott wasn’t horrible. For a first start, he didn’t make any huge mistakes and led the Cowboys to 5 scoring drives.

Unfortunately, 4 of those 5 drives only resulted on field goals and the Cowboys lost 20-19.

Dak wasn’t bad, but the offense also wasn’t enough. Consider:

  1. The Cowboys had 5 scoring drives, the Giants had 3
  2. The Cowboys gained more yards, ran 21 more plays, and led time of possession
  3. The Cowboys committed zero turnovers
  4. The Cowboys still lost.

How? By simply not doing much with all those extra plays. They averaged 5.0 Yards per pass attempt. on 45 attempts, and 3.4 yards per carry on 30 carries. Ezekiel Elliott got 20 carries and the Cowboys lone TD in his debut, but also accounted for 51 yards rushing.

In short, they ran a lot of plays but they didn’t make any. And they lost to a team that didn’t make many either, but at least made more out of their drives and got a couple of touchdowns.

If they don’t start making some plays, it’s going to be another very long year. Last year, they had the same problems. There were a few games where there were glaring errors from the quarterbacks, but mostly, they lost because they didn’t really do anything to put points on the board. Dak Prescott shows some promise, but somebody needs to make plays for this to work.

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