Why Jerry Jones Needed to Hire a GM, Again

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pickleat / Pixabay
pickleat / Pixabay

Let’s face it, we’ve been talking about the need for the Cowboys to have someone act as a General Manager and make personnel decisions instead of Jerry Jones for years. What has happened with Tony Romo‘s injury this preseason is just another example, but it’s maybe one of the worst.

Well maybe the Greg Hardy thing was the worst, but this is pretty close.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, knew that after last season, the Cowboys needed an insurance policy for Tony Romo. The Cowboys were awful without Romo last year, and given his injury history, and his age, it was unclear that the Cowboys could count on Romo for an entire season. Jerry decided to ignore all of that. He decided that Romo was fine, and the Cowboys would, therefore be fine.

As it turns out, Romo got hit once in the preseason, and broke a bone in his back. Frankly, I know Tony will try and come back, and will probably play again, but I think this is pretty much it for his career. He’s incapable of staying healthy. I don’t see how he can be counted on to lead a team through a full season.

And now, the Cowboys have Dak Prescott at QB for maybe the first half of the season?

Sure, Prescott has looked pretty good in the preseason, but that’s the preseason. He has no actual experience in the NFL regular season. Should he turn out to be the next great NFL quarterback, maybe we’ll forgive Jerry of his lack of foresight, but chances are he won’t. Eventually, much like last season, other teams will game plan to force an inexperienced quarterback into mistakes, and the Cowboys defense will not be able to stand up.

I’ll be surprised, pleasantly, if we see anything other than that. I’m not expecting it. I will blame no one but Jerry Jones. Tony Romo getting injured was not an unforeseeable bit of misfortune. You could argue it was last year, but not this year. Not making a move to sure up that position, the most important position on the field, was plainly insane.

And now, short of Dak Prescott surprising us all and living up to his preseason numbers, the Cowboys season may be over before it starts.

Thanks Jerry.


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