Link – NHL Rule Changes That Would Make Hockey Great Again

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2015-11-12 18.36.26There are 22 rule changes listed in this article, so I’m not going to even pretend that more than a couple would ever be implemented. However, I definitely think a couple of them should be.

For example:

2) After an icing, the offending team can’t call timeout.

6) If a skater loses his helmet, he has to immediately leave the ice.

22) Shooting the puck over the glass in your own zone is no longer a penalty.

A couple of others probably won’t be implemented, but I think they would really help the game:

8) After an icing, you can’t put your goaltender back on the ice.

9) Overtime is 10 minutes of 4-on-4 and that’s it.

20) Goaltenders have to serve their own penalties.

Which of the 22 rule changes would you implement? Any that are missing?

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