Link – Las Vegas NHL expansion team is ‘done deal’: Report

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C2GlobalSales / Pixabay

It won’t be officially official until next week, but I know NHL GMs have been looking over the expansion draft rules that will be in play at the end of the 2016-2017 season and making plans to structure their rosters accordingly.

This should be an interesting season of teams positioning themselves to avoid losing players for nothing. May even make for some strange moves at the draft this year. There are some teams out there that have some difficult decisions to make about players with No Movement Clauses, and other young players at the same position. For example, look at the great goaltending tandem that just won the Calder Cup, both sitting behind an older goalie with a no-trade who would have to be the one goalie protected.

The Blue Jackets aren’t the only team out there like that. What will they do?–done-deal—report-171320924.html

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