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IMG_0290.JPG“The $42 million project is the latest piece in the athletics facilities equation for Oregon State University, which says it is determined to keep pace with its Pac-12 Conference opponents.

Since 2001 OSU has added a new Sports Performance Center, the Beth Ray Center for Academic Support, a new basketball practice facility, a track and field complex, the Samaritan Sports Medicine Center and other upgrades that have cost more than $200 million.

“It helps us stay competitive in football,” said Mark Massari, OSU deputy athletic director for capital projects and internal operations during a tour of the construction project with Gazette-Times reporters.

“Almost every program since the Pac-12 was formed (in 2011) has renovated their football stadium. Some, such as Cal and Washington, have redone the whole stadium. We have to keep up. And we can’t stop with the Valley Football Center. We have to get going on the west side, too.””

There’s a word for this much capital investment in infrastructure. That word is “business”. That is what College Football is, even at a place like Oregon State, which will never be confused with the “big-business” football programs like Alabama, Texas, Ohio State, or even, Oregon. Even schools like Oregon State find themselves spending $200 million just to “keep up”, and keep the football money flowing in.

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