Link – The Dodgers are stuck in the blah of average

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2015-11-26 11.16.49

“The Dodgers are barely above average, and, even in the wake of their first pinch-hit walk-off home in nearly three years, they are barely looking like they can turn that into something truly valuable.

The Dodgers are a glorious centerpiece named Clayton Kershaw and a bunch of surrounding knick-knacks that are occasionally colorful but mostly baffling. Are they truly competing for a title or slowly beginning the process of rebuilding? Management has seemingly built this team to do both, which, no surprise, has resulted in them doing neither.”

The other day I was thinking about a post talking about the Dodgers thus far, and I really got a good case of writer’s block.

I just couldn’t find anything interesting to say about the season thus far.

I think this article says it best. I don’t see this team winning a World Series with this roster, even if they manage to win this wreck of a division.

The Dodgers are stuck in the blah of average

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