NFL Draft – An Ohio State Celebration

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BrutusI know I’m hardly the first one to point out that the number of high draft picks, and overall draft picks, from Ohio State sure made it seem like ESPN and the NFL Network were creating recruiting films for Urban Meyer this weekend. There’s no question that recruits were paying attention and seeing all those picks would seem to make them think again about going to Ohio State.

It’s a good thing too, because with that much talent leaving, the Buckeyes are going to need as much incoming talent as they an get! The experts tell us that shouldn’t be a problem, that Coach Meyer and company have plenty of talent in the pipeline to remain competitive, but until that talent is on the field, playing in crucial games, the truth is, you just never know.

After all, the last time we saw a team dominate the draft like this may have been the 2004 draft, when there were six Miami Hurricanes taken in the first round. Who would have thought that program would fall off the map the way it has in the years since? Granted, there were extenuating circumstances in Miami, but their history does show that it’s not impossible to go from these heights of getting players into the NFL, to struggling to even get winning seasons again.

But for today Buckeye fans, we can celebrate the great players who have spent the last couple of years bringing the program to new levels of success, even if it also makes us wonder how they ever lost that Michigan State game. 😉

And for all those young players still in Columbus. You’re up!

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