Link – Height of hypocrisy: Michigan limiting Spike Albrecht’s transfer options

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““Having a kid sit out a year is not like going to jail,” he said. “It’s a slippery slope. I want what’s best for Spike but also what’s best for our program. You train a guy and develop him for four years and suddenly he’s the starting point guard at Michigan State?””

I take issue with this statement by Michigan’s coach. You’re not offering him the possibility of staying at Michigan. He’s been told his talent isn’t worth you keeping him on scholarship, but you’re concerned about how well you developed him and how it might hurt you in the future?

Too bad. As pointed out in the article, do you think Iowa loved having Jake Rudock starting at QB for Michigan last year? Probably not, but he had graduated, and wanted to transfer and they let him, because he wasn’t going to start at Iowa. This kid isn’t even going to have a spot on Michigan’s team next year, but they still want to limit the possibility of him playing somewhere else without sitting out another year. Screw that. He’s a free agent once he graduates as far as I’m concerned, and having to sit a year is is just silly.

Student athletes being forced to sit out a year should file a class action lawsuit against the NCAA based on their freedom being limited. It would be fun to watch

Height of hypocrisy: Michigan limiting Spike Albrecht’s transfer options – Yahoo Sports

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