Link – Christian Hackenberg’s honesty reveals hypocrisy of NFL draft process

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“You can argue that Hackenberg should take all responsibility for everything himself and never speak ill of a coach, but what if it’s, you know, true?”

It’s interesting that this is a story, because as Wetzel points out, Hackenberg is probably right, and not because Franklin is a bad coach, he’s just not a good coach if you’re a pro-style QB like he is, and the offense that was designed to put you in the center of it, isn’t any more. That is the answer to the question about his numbers dropping off, so why can’t he say it?

It’s also interesting because another top prospect did a much more public thing back in November. Remember when Ezekiel Elliott threw Ohio State’s coaches under the bus after that loss to Michigan State? The difference was, while that was a big story for a day or so, OSU coach Urban Meyer came out and told the media that Elliott was right, and it wasn’t a problem.

So no more story, because he was right. I’m sure there are still a few NFL guys who will stay away from Elliott because he went public, but really, why? I’d rather have the guy willing to speak the truth and say what needs to be said on my team any day.

But I’m not an NFL guy. Those guys will probably make Hackenberg pay for saying something that we all know anyway.

Christian Hackenberg’s honesty reveals hypocrisy of NFL draft process

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