The Browns and RGIII – A No Lose Situation

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NFLI know I’m a bit behind on this news, because I was in the UK and the Browns aren’t exactly big news over there, but I did catch a mention online about this signing, and after having some time to think about it, I thought heck, why not?

I know many will ridicule the Browns for bringing in another quarterback who could very well be a massive failure, but what choice did they have? What they have been doing at QB since their return to the NFL has been a massive failure, there’s nothing on the current roster but massive failure, and when I look at the available free agent QBs out there, nothing screams the opposite to me.

So for the Browns, at least RGIII has had a successful season at QB in the last five years. I don’t think you could really say that about any other option they had out there. (You could make an argument for some of those guys, but would they want to sign in Cleveland? Yeah, exactly.) Why not bring him in? Best case, the coaching in Washington was what really did him in and he regains some of that rookie season form, worse case he bombs and you have yet another failed QB experiment, which is what you were headed for this season without him anyway.

Of course, this is all subject to the Browns having a valid Plan B, by drafting a QB with the second overall pick in the draft as well, someone who doesn’t need to come in and start right away, but who might be the QB you build around for the next 5-10 years.

For Robert Griffin, where else was he going to go? Nobody else was going to hand the starting job over to him, so why not go to the one place he can start this season and try and recover some of that lost mojo? If he can be successful in Cleveland after so many others have failed, he’ll get paid, big time, and be able to go just about anywhere he wants. It’s a chance to prove that his immense talent won’t be wasted in the NFL, probably his last one.

For the Browns sake, let’s hope the experiment with Griffin is somewhat successful, but more importantly, let’s hope they finally get their franchise future at QB in this draft. That team needs a break.

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