Link – Viewers hated ESPN’s camera angle for Michigan-Ohio State

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Timeout Festivities

So, while Islander fans complain about obstructed views, ESPN is actively creating obstructed view television!

Seriously, people don’t sit court side to fully appreciate the speed and athleticism of the game, they sit court side to be part of the action, and to be seen. Neither one of those things can be accomplished from home. From home I want to see the actual game, and yes, see the whole court and appreciate how plays develop.

Watching the game from home should not be the same as watching it in person. It can’t be, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. The experience is different, and our expectations are different. We’ve come to expect to view sports from certain camera angles, ones that include full sight lines.

Viewers hated ESPN’s camera angle for Michigan-Ohio State

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