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“In all, more than 20 gambling industry officials, international police detectives, and sports integrity experts told BuzzFeed News that world tennis is failing to confront a serious problem with match-fixing. BuzzFeed News and the BBC have chosen not to name the players whose matches have repeatedly been flagged for attracting highly suspicious betting, because without access to phone, bank, or computer records it is not possible to prove a link between the players and the gamblers. The integrity unit has the power to demand all that evidence from any tennis professional, yet many of the individuals whose activity attracted the most serious concern are still playing at a high level. Meanwhile, tennis has grown to a multibillion-dollar global phenomenon.”

Wow. Match-fixing is a real thing. We’ve already seen evidence of it in soccer, and other sports, so why wouldn’t it happen in Tennis? As the article even says, Tennis may be the easiest sport to fix there is! Yet it appears no one in the ATP wants to do anything about it, which suggests a FIFA-level of corruption, doesn’t it?

The Tennis Racket

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