Link – Kirk Herbstreit blames Ed O’Bannon for loss of ‘NCAA Football’

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GameDay set

“At the heart of the lawsuit was athlete compensation for the use of their likeness in the game. O’Bannon’s lawyers argued that EA Sports was making millions off a game that was popular because of student-athletes that received no money.
Herbstreit contended players didn’t care about the use of their likenesses; they just loved the game.

“I’ve never met one player in college football that’s like, ‘They can’t use my name and likeness! I need to be paid!’ ” Herbstreit told SEC Country. “They’re just thrilled to be on the game. They love being on the game. It’s like the biggest highlight of their life, is to be on the game.”

Herbstreit does have a stake in the former EA Sports franchise since he was one of three announcers in the game and was compensated for his work.”

I generally like Herbie, but this is just about a perfect summation of what is wrong with college athletics, isn’t it? He needs to get paid for using his voice in the game, but the actual college athletes, nah they just want to play a game, no one needs to worry about them getting paid. “Now where’s my money?”

Yup, everybody wants some of the college sports money, but letting the kids get any isn’t right.

Kirk Herbstreit blames Ed O’Bannon for loss of ‘NCAA Football’ | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo Sports

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