It’s Not Just the Loss Of Tony Romo

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pickleat / Pixabay
pickleat / Pixabay

It’s easy to point at the injury to Tony Romo and say that the Dallas Cowboy’s season could have been so different, and that’s absolutely true.

On the other hand I want you to take a look at this list:

Those are the backup and third string quarterbacks who stepped in and won a game this week. If you go back further in the season, you’ll add names like Brock Osweiler, Blaine Gabbert, Matt Hasselbeck, and so on.

Meanwhile the Cowboys have won one game without Romo this season.

I don’t buy that it’s simply a matter of quarterback play. No, it hasn’t been good, but you can’t tell me other teams who are winning a couple of games are getting fantastic QB play either, but they are finding a way to at least win a game here and there. Not the Cowboys. That tells me that something else is wrong, and after watching that horrible display of offense against the Jets Saturday night, I’m ready to place some of the blame on the coaching staff.

Case in point:

The Cowboys averaged 6.3 yards per rushing attempt Saturday night. They ran the ball 21 times. They threw 33 passes and were sacked twice. Those plays averaged 5 yards per attempt, along with 4 INTs. The Cowboys were never so far behind that they had to abandon the run, they chose to make Matt Cassel and Kellen Moore win the game instead of letting them just manage the game and try to win it with their offensive line and running game. That’s not smart.

At least the long season should result in a decent draft pick. Let’s see if the Cowboys can bring in some talent and make improvements across the board next year. I suspect as long as Jerry is managing the roster and Garrett is coaching it, that we will be left coming up short again though.


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