Survive and Advance – Ohio State Wins Ugly

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BrutusI don’t think any Ohio State fans can say that we are thrilled with the way the team is playing. The defending national champs dodged another bullet against Indiana this past weekend when a 4th-down pass was knocked away in the end zone in the final seconds. It’s not what anyone expected from this team, but they are 5-0, and after the carnage that took place in the Top 10 over the weekend, I think any Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Georgia or UCLA fan would trade places with OSU right now.

So, a win is a win and the Buckeyes are undefeated.

But this weekend did provide me with one extra thought about the apparent unpredictability of college football. It would appear that no one knows anything, but i truth, why should we expect anyone to? We base predictions, and in some cases bet quite a lot of money, on a bunch of 18-20 year old kids. How predictable were you at that age? How consistently did you live up to your potential at that age? How many times did you waltz through an exam or other responsibility?

Yeah, exactly. Maybe we shouldn’t take too much stock in relying on young kids to be their best and always stay focused each and every week of the season.

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