NCAA Recruiting Might Be a Moral Swamp

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Yeah, I know, not exactly a surprise to know that schools probably do some things to attract recruits that most people would find questionable. We tend to look the other way, or convince ourselves that the school we root for doesn’t do that, it’s those other schools.

The truth is that they all do it to one extent or another. Whether it’s sanctioned by the coach and administrators, or arrange by boosters, it happens.

Don’t believe me? Check out what Jalen Rose said about his recruiting trips:

Not only did Rose say alcohol, girls and sex were involved in recruiting trips — it was expected.

“And as a 17-year-old kid, first off, if I’m not getting laid, I’m not coming. I’m not signing. I’m not coming,” he said.

So it appears that Louisville isn’t the only place that arranged for kids to have an experience on campus involving partying with strippers. They were just the ones to get ratted out. I expect more will.

NCAA sports is big business, we should not be surprised when those involved act accordingly.

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