Matt Harvey Will Pitch in the Playoffs

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Mets/2k7That’s what he has now come out and said in the Players Tribune.

I’m sure Mets fans are glad to hear that. I have no idea if he should pitch though, and neither does anyone else really.

The reality of the situation with Tommy John surgery is that no one knows why some guys come back from it and go on to have great careers, and others never get past it. What we do know, is that Matt Harvey is 26 years old. We do know his career could go on for another 20 years or more, or he could wind up back on the DL, having more surgery within a year. We also know that the difference between those things has a hefty price tag. We could be talking about a difference of $100 million over his career.

Given that, I can’t blame him for wanting to be careful.

On the other hand, we all watched the Nationals shut down Stephen Strasburg in a playoff year, to save him for future playoff runs, and the Nats haven’t been back since. So we also know that winning a division and getting to the World Series is not something you take for granted.

As a Dodger fan, I’d rather he shut it down and didn’t pitch in the playoffs, but as a human being I hope that whatever they decide to do this year, that he stays healthy and pitches for a long time. Continuing on this season has risks, but so does not doing it. None of us know what Matt Harvey’s future looks like, and we simply don’t know enough about how to avoid Tommy John surgery, or how to really recover from it to pitch again. Maybe someday, we will.

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