Are College Offenses Dangerous for QBs?

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Ohio State football spring game 4-18-2015I don’t know, we’re two weeks in and the number of injured quarterbacks seems a bit ridiculous, doesn’t?

In Week One, Syracuse and BYU both lost their starters to season-ending injuries, and Kansas State lost their starter for “awhile”, which most seem to think will be the season as well. This week, it appears that Notre Dame and South Carolina have lost their starters for the season. Meanwhile, Virginia Tech’s QB is out forĀ  chuck of the season with a collarbone injury, an injury that also hit Wyoming this week, to their second string QB, because the starter got injured last week. Utah’s QB was on the bench for much of their game against Utah State, who had their QB limping around quite noticeably.

Have I missed any other teams with injured quarterbacks?

Last year, we all know Ohio State won with their third-string QB, which makes for a great story, but makes me wonder. Can anyone get through a full season with a dual threat QB, running the read-option, and not need a couple of quarterbacks? Truthfully, the system requires the quarterback to take a lot of hits. Those hits are going to lead to injuries sometimes. Is it getting to be enough that teams should just have two quarterbacks prepped to play, and is that even possible?

Or am I just noticing it because college football news is everywhere and we all know everything that happens in games all around the country now?

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