There Are Bad Trades and Then There Are The Dodgers Deadline Deals

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cropped-8629542927_dbdfdea0c3_b.jpgDodger fans, myself included, had a fairly exciting end of July. As the non-waiver trade deadline came upon us, the team was very busy trying to add pieces that would help them be more successful in the postseason this year.

We were doubly excited that while we didn’t add the big names we hoped for, we seemed to be adding some decent parts without giving up any of the teams top prospects. Or at least it seemed that way, and even the media was impressed at the time.

That was then. This is now. What was added to the roster on the last day of July?

Matt Latos

Alex Wood

Bronson Arroyo

Jim Johnson

Luis Avilan

Jose Tabata

Jose Peraza

How has that gone so far as the Dodgers look to increase their lead over the Giants?

Latos – 3 starts, 6.75 ERA .305 opponents batting average, relegated to the bullpen.

Wood – the “best” of the bunch – 4 starts, 1 win, 5.01 ERA, .264 opponents BA

Arroyo – injured will not pitch this season. (Not news here, we knew this when the deal was made.)

Johnson – disaster would be putting it mildly. 8 appearances, an ERA of 21.00 and opponents are hitting an even .500 against him.

Avilan – 6 appearances, and while opponents are only hitting .225 against him, he somehow has an ERA of 7.20

Tabata – Yet to appear in an MLB game for the Dodgers

Peraza – one hit in 6 ABs, back in the minors while the team deals for Chase Utley instead.

Yikes. That’s hardly the look of a successful series of deals. The bottom line, for all the wheeling and dealing at the deadline, the Dodgers have gotten pretty much nothing from their additions. They find themselves just 2 games up on the Giants, with the same back-end of the rotation and bullpen in the 7-8th innings issues that they had prior to July 31st. In fact, the bullpen has become a nightmare. Is there another move in the Dodgers future? Or is the answer in the system already? The Dodgers better come up with something. They have a great 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation,and at closer,  but they need something from the rest of the pitching staff if they expect to improve on last season’s disappointment.

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