Trading Deadline Follies

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cropped-cropped-8629542927_dbdfdea0c3_b1.jpgSometimes, we watch sports for the bizarre things that don’t really happen anywhere else.

Case in point, the Mets appeared to have traded Wilmer Flores, but left him in the game. The fans gave him a standing ovation, a farewell, he got emotional, and it turns out that the trade actually didn’t happen.

I’m not a Mets fan, but I did grow up in a family of them, and follow a number of Mets fans on Twitter, and they have declared this the Metsiest thing ever.

I cannot disagree. I do, however, feel bad for Flores, who finds himself in the middle of all this drama through no fault of his own.

On the other hand, a player on my favorite team is currently not playing because he had to go to the emergency room to deal with an infected pimple. So the Mets do not have the market in surreal this week.

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