Reading – Quarterback De’Andre Johnson dismissed from Florida State

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It’s never good to have video of you clocking a woman, or anyone for that matter. There’s no way even FSU could keep this guy around, but I have other questions. Why, if you’re FSU, (especially FSU with it’s recent reputation!) is your 19 year-old player at a bar to start with? Shouldn’t that just be against the team rules?

Should the girl also be charged with assault? Yes, they both should, and whatever punishment is handed out for students in that situation should be handed out for her, as it is being for Johnson, rightly. But her swinging first is absolutely no excuse. Johnson, especially given his position on the football team, should know to walk away, always.

Lastly, how many people were standing around doing nothing while this escalated? Where were Johnson’s friends to keep him out of trouble? If there was no video how many of these witnesses would have spoken out against an FSU football player? They sure didn’t try and stop him.

Quarterback De’Andre Johnson dismissed from Florida State

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