Staubach Takes Cowboys to Task Over Hardy

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The thing that’s striking about Roger Staubach speaking out against the Cowboy’s signing of Greg Hardy is the history.

For years, Staubach has been seen as the All-American, clean cut, face of a franchise that has never really lived up to that image. From Ed Martin and Hollywood Henderson, to Michael Irvin and the White House, T. O., drunk driving accidents causing the death of teammates and God knows how much of North Dallas Forty that was really true, Staubach has said nothing. But signing Hardy after his alleged domestic violence case, and this is, apparently, the line where Roger the Dodger wouldn’t want a guy to play on his team.

Not that it’s a bad place to draw the line, but it’s an interesting place to draw it given how many of those guys previously mentioned probably didn’t exactly treat women with dignified respect at all times. But, like he said, back in the day, we wouldn’t have necessarily known if something like this happened. Maybe it’s a good thing that has changed.

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