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Chips!Well, you can’t say Jerry Jones isn’t a gambling man.

Between the signing of Greg Hardy, the drafting of Randy Gregory, and now the free agent signing of undrafted La’el Collins, Jerry has taken a few chances in the last few weeks.

Now look, as a Cowboys fans through the years, I’m no stranger to having super talented football players with checkered personal lives on the team. From Hollywood Henderson on through Dez Bryant, this team has never been full of saints. (The use of Roger Staubach as the face of the franchise notwithstanding.)

The signing of Hardy already seems to have backfired, thanks to the NFL swooping in with a 10 game suspension. So Jerry doubled down by drafting Randy Gregory as a pass rusher. Gregory was evaluated as a top 10-15 player in the draft, but failing a drug test at the combine will tend to get you dropped in the draft, let alone rumors of mental health issues. If Gregory can get himself straightened out, he could be the steal of the draft.

The steal of the non-draft could be Collins, another first round talent who fell completely out of the draft after it was released that the police wanted to talk to him about the murder of his ex and her baby. After Aaron Hernandez, it’s understandable that no one wanted to touch this guy until he was cleared, which he hasn’t been. (Although he has also not been charged or even named as a suspect yet, to be fair.)

If he is cleared, the Cowboys stole themselves another huge, talented offensive lineman for a mere $1.65 million in guaranteed money. If he’s charged, they get nothing. If Gregory plays like he’s capable, the Cowboys stole themselves a talent on the defensive side, and if Hardy puts his past acts behind him, they could have stolen a talented pass rushing and wind up adding him to the roster in the middle of the push to the postseason.

Or it could all blow up in Jerry’s face. Such is life when you’re ruling Jerryworld.


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