The Horton -Clarkson Trade Sort of Made Sense

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stinger blue jackets photo

Photo by patentboy

From the Blue Jackets perspective the trade of Nathan Horton for David Clarkson made a weird kind of sense. Yes, Clarkson’s contract is ridiculous, but Horton’s was pretty comparable, and he might not ever play again. The Jackets didn’t insure that contract, so rather than pay a ridiculous amount of money for Horton to not play the next couple of years, they’d rather pay a ridiculous amount of money for Clarkson to play, even if it’s not worth what you are paying him.

Of course in true Blue Jacket 2014-15 fashion, Clarkson is already injured for the year and now they’ll pay him to not play for the rest of the season.

That’s just got to be the icing on the cake for Jacket fans this year.

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