Demarco Murray Turns Into Darren McFadden

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Yeah, it’s not exactly been a banner week for Cowboy’s fans, has it?

Truthfully, I didn’t mind letting Demarco walk. Cold as this is going to sound, running backs have a short shelf life, especially ones that get over 390 touches in a season, and can be pretty interchangeable. Chances are that Demarco will never be as good as he was last year, and will never life up to the contract he signed with the Eagles.

That being said, running backs with an injury history like McFadden’s come cheap, but hoping he somehow stays healthy can’t be the answer here. Yes, as good as the Cowboys offensive line is, findingĀ  a decent running back shouldn’t be too hard, but they have to stay on the field.

In the end, if McFadden is it in terms of replacing Murray, I don’t like the gamble at all. On the other hand, if a combination on the McFadden gamble and a high draft pick running back is the plan, I do really like that. Murray replaced by McFadden and one of Gordon/Abdullah/Coleman/Yeldon, etc.? That could be nice.

Of course, the Boys also have some needs on defense and a potential future starting QB to address at the draft, so it’s no slam dunk.

We’ll see what the rest of the offseason holds!

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