Gary Bettman Doesn’t Think Fans Care About the Salary Cap

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PuckDaddy has the details in a post, but I find it a bit troubling.

I know as a fan, I went to the CapGeek site pretty regularly to check out facts, to find out what impact signings and trades would have on a team’s cap numbers and from the discussions I’ve seen on Twitter, I know I’m not the only one.

But Gary Bettman doesn’t think fans care about the salary cap enough to make the information available, that it’s only members of the media who care about those things.

First off, as I mentioned earlier, the CapGeek site was a resource used by fans, often.

Secondly, Bettman seems to be using a very limited definition of the word media. If I look up a cap number just to make a post here, or even to drop into a Twitter update, am I not acting in a media-like capacity? Sure, I do it as a hobby as opposed to professionally, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t use that kind of resource to check a fact, or to support an opinion. Although I probably wouldn’t pay for it.

No, the truth is that the NHL doesn’t want that information out there and easily accessible. That’s ok, if the owners and general managers want to hide behind financial secrecy, that’s their prerogative. Just don’t tell us you’re not sharing that information because “no one cares”. That’s blatantly not true.



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