The NFL, Where a Catch is not a Catch

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I’m sure everyone has even the Dez Bryant non-catch on fourth down by now. As a Cowboy fan familiar with this so-called Calvin Johnson Rule, I am willing to admit that it was the right call based on that.

On the other hand, NFL, this is perhaps the stupidest of many stupid rules you have. Consider, if you will:

A player on a rushing play carrying the ball is considered down, and the play over, when their knee or forearm hits the ground.

Similarly, a player rushing toward the end zone, it’s a touchdown and the play is over, when he ball crosses the plane of the goal line.

On a passing play, a receiver who catches the ball and takes two steps, then is hit by a defender and drops the ball, has fumbled.

Against all of that logic, a player who catches the ball, takes three steps as he’s falling to the ground, where his knee hits the ground first, and then bobbles the ball when his arm hits the ground, has not completed a pass?

How the hell does that makes any sense?

That being said, the Cowboys had a surprisingly great year and I’m proud of them. Let’s see how things develop in the offseason with Dez and Demarco.

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