Oh Yeah, That’s Why We Watch – Cardale Jones

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The Ramp

As much as this past weekend was a reminder of the ridiculousness of big time college football, with all of the commercial considerations that we suspect are a part of the bowl selections, and trying to determine a champion of a conference that doesn’t play a championship game versus those that do, there were also lots of reminders about why we watch the games.

Well, aside from the fact that we all LOVE a good argument. 😉

In Indianapolis on Saturday night, we watched a kid named Cardale Jones, who had never started a college football game, not only lead Ohio State to a dominating victory over Wisconsin, but be named the Big Ten Championship game MVP. Seriously, a kid who was third on the depth chart in August steps up for the injured, and a great story in his own right, JT Barrett, and plays as well as virtually anyone has in this game previously. That’s beyond Hollywood, it’s the sort of thing we only see in sports.

That’s why we watch, and that’s why we put up with all the other crap, for the hope that you’ll see something you’ve never seen before, and wouldn’t anywhere else.

Let’s face it, they’ve got us hooked.

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