Injury Reports are Useless, Right?

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As if the injury reports in the NFL aren’t enough of a joke, the NHL is now trying to outdo them.

First it was Sydney Crosby appearing at a press conference looking for all the e world like someone who had the mumps, despite the Penguins claims to the comtrary. This is week it’s Islanders Jaroslav Halak. He was not dressed on Tuesday because the team wanted to give him an extra “maintenance day” before the holiday break, and then he found his way to the IR today before the game against the Sabres.

Because, sure, he’s not hurt.

Look, I get it. As a coach, why be honest with your opponents and the media about what is really happening? The rules about reporting injuries were put in place mostly to benefit gamblers. Fantasy sport players are also impacted, but again, what concern is that of yours?

On the other hand, pissing off your fans by playing games in the media isn’t exactly friendly, but if you win, we’ll forgive you. You know that as well as we do.

So should we just ignore injury reports completely?

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