Ryan Strome and the Islanders Roster

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Islanders Insight does a pretty good job of breaking down the situation for Ryan Strome and whether he can, or should, make the Islanders opening night roster.

Personally, I think the number one thing standing is his way is the fact that he can be sent to Bridgeport without passing through waivers. If the Islanders go into the season as currently constructed, Strome and Lee can be sent to Bridgeport while Garth Snow sees what happens the first few games, buying himself some extra time.

Of course, that’s assuming the roster stays the same over the next few days. The NHL has 4 teams (Boston, Chicago, Philly and Tampa Bay) that are currently over the salary cap, and the Islanders have extra players on their roster, including a few relatively cheap young players, on top of a handful of young prospects who will be at Bridgeport this year. Things may change a lot, quickly, but as of right now I think Strome and Lee are headed to the Bridge, unless Snow wants to expose someone like Bailey or McDonald to waivers. (Bailey would be my best bet, his contract is a deterrent to including him in a trade right now, I have to think it’d be a deterrent to a waiver claim as well.)

Should be an interesting few days leading up to the opener in one week!


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