Greatest Day in Mississippi History?

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Mississippi State 48 Texas A&M 31
Ole Miss 23 Alabama 17

If only Southern Miss could have beaten MTSU, but let’s not get greedy here.

Ok maybe it’s not the greatest day in the state’s history, but in my
lifetime, this is the best day I can think of for the state.

Those games, among many others the week really show the ridiculousness of talking about the four team playoff before we even get to October. I heard the phrase “if they run the table” approximately two billion times in September, and many of the teams I heard that about found themselves on the wrong end of a final score this week, some showing very poorly while doing it. How about ,we let the season play out before we start arguing about who will run the table and what they deserve.

And let’s enjoy watching the SEC West cannibalize the crap out of each other!

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