Could the Cowboys Be For Real?

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A win in Seattle certainly makes it seem like this team is real. The offensive line dominating, leading the way to a record setting running back and a passing game relying on big play wideouts and dependable tight end, is a combination that certainly seems familiar to Cowboy fans. Even the defense, which was terrible last year, has been surprisingly good this year. (Is Rolando McClain the pickup of the year or what??)

On the other hand, it’s October. We’ve been here before in October and November only to see December bring heartbreak. I think all Cowboy fans are pleasantly surprised, and excited, but waiting to see what happens late in the season. 5-1 is nice, but it could turn into 8-8 again, we all know that!

For this week though, going into Seattle, running the ball effectively against that defense, overcoming their own turnovers and getting key turnovers with the game on the line, against a team that simply doesn’t lose at home? I’d take that all day long!

How ’bout them Cowboys?

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