This is What Happens When You’re Just Not Good

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49ers Fans Took Over The Cowboys’ Stadium, And It’s A Disastrous Sign For Jerry Jones.

So we were over on the coast on Sunday, having a late lunch at the Rogue Ales Public House, during the second half of the game. I thought I heard a loud cheer from the television, and turned to see a replay of Tony Romo getting sacked. (Obviously, with the way the first half went, I wasn’t paying much attention at this point)

It did seem odd that the crowd noise seemed so loud when the Cowboys were the home team, but we were in a bar, so I figured maybe I had heard it wrong. Obviously, I did not.

You can come up with a bunch of reasons for it, but the bottom line is that Cowboy fans and season ticket holders are happy to sell their tickets to the highest bidder, even if it’s a Niner fan. That tells me that, like me, those Cowboy fans are not feeling very excited about the team this year. That’s not good.

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