Seriously How Do People on the West Coast Follow Sports?

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Looking forward to getting up in the morning to catch some Ohio State football, at 9AM!!!!

I am starting to wonder how this is going to work, with the early college games on at 9AM, the early Sunday NFL games starting at 10, Islander hockey games starting at 4-4:30 in the afternoon and so on. It’s going to be weird, that’s for sure. It’s already been very odd to have college weeknight games starting in the late afternoon hours. I’m lucky, I work from home when I’m not traveling so I can flip on a game any time. I don’t know how other people would follow eastern based sports teams. It’d be tough to do!

One thing that I don’t see myself doing any more is getting up in the morning to catch some EPL action while sipping my Saturday morning coffee. Not for games that start t 4:45AM. No thank you!


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