Orlando Scandrick Falls For The Oldest Move, Suspended 4 Games

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From the ESPN Dallas report on Scandrick’s four game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance.

Sources told Werder that the violation occurred while Scandrick was vacationing in Mexico with an ex-girlfriend, whom he has claimed persuaded him to add a substance he didn’t realize was on the banned list into a cocktail they were drinking.

Really, the “hot chick convinced me to do it, so I did” defense? Like we haven’t been hearing that one since Adam, Eve and a certain fruit? (Hey wait, did the forbidden fruit have Ecstasy in it?)

Speaking of the Bible, I’ve already been worried that the Cowboys defense would be allowing points in biblical proportions this year. They stuck last year, and on paper they might actually seem worse. Of course, maybe just not having Monte Kiffin around will make them better, at least that seems to be the hope. But losing their top CB for 4 games? That’s not making me feel better about the season.

Shame on you Orlando Scandrick, I hope she really was that hot, and the night was worth it!

Then again, she is an ex….

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