Islanders Sold, Sort Of

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So yes, many Islanders fans got their wish today when it was announced that Charles Wang was selling the team, but the the details came out.

The deal is to sell the team to Jon Ledecky and Scott Malkin, who will be minority owners for two years, after which they will assume majority control over the organization, the Islanders announced.

So what does that mean about how the team will be run for the next two seasons? Who knows?

What does it mean for how the team will be run after the new guys become majority owners? Who knows?

I know many out there have been waiting for a savior from the perceived mismanagement of Wang as the owner of the team, but seriously Islander fans, can any of you tell me, after our history of ownership, that you know for certain that this time it’ll be different?

Yeah, I thought so.

I’m hopeful, I think the on-ice team should be better this year, I think the move to Brooklyn is going to be exciting, as much as I hate that they are leaving the Island, and now some new faces in the owners box. But I’m been hopeful before, so I’m not planning any parades just yet.

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