Hawaii Football Program on Verge of Going Away

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That’s the report from Yahoo Sports tonight. If it happens, I don’t think they will be the only program to find itself losing money trying to keep up with the rest of Division 1 as the “Power 5” conferences start making their own rules.

Hawaii was already losing money before the changes at the NCAA, so this probably would happen regardless of how the Power 5 go, but I can easily see more MWC, AAC, Sun Belt, etc. teams struggle to be financially viable and still compete in terms of what they can offer student athletes with the Power 5 conferences. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see many dropping football, or at least dropping back to the FCS.

Think about it, how much money could schools like Troy State, North Texas, Utah State, etc, really be making? I’m sure football is making money there, but I’m also sure that football is financing some other sports as well. Will there be enough to start adding more costs to each footballs scholarship for living expenses, or insurance? I don’t see it.

Sucks for all those teams that like a nice trip to Hawaii for a non conference game though!

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