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Tour Pack

I’ll admit it, watching a bike race in person probably isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. I imagine it would be difficult to really know what is going on, and to even identify who is who as they simply race past you. My experiences spectating at smaller aces like the one above, obviously are no comparison to watching the finish of a Tour De France stage. So, I wasn’t exactly shocked that someone described the experience as agony.

That certainly sounds like agony. Still, I’m not taking being on the Champs D’Eylsees on the final day of Le Tour off my bucket list. Seems like it might be a bit miserable in terms of crowding and waiting on the riders, but it also seems like that stage would be a heck of a party too! Plus, they do laps up and down the boulevard, so you would get to see them go by several times. That’s got to be better, right? 😉

Speaking of agony though, this year’s tour has been full of that. Crashes, injuries, rain, and now bronchitis-like symptoms spreading through the field? IT certainly seems as though everyone else is just falling by the wayside and Nibali is on his way to dominating this thing, but we’re not done in the Alps, so it’s far from over!

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