So Will There Even Be a Clippers Season Next Year?

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So if Donald Sterling is successful in hanging on to the franchise, even if it’s just temporarily, and Doc refuses to coach and the players refuse to play, and no one in the NBA will play against them, what happens to the Clippers for 2014-15?

Can the NBA simply force the team to cease operations for the year while the court battles get dealt with? Will every team that refuses to play against them forfeit and we end up with an undefeated Clippers winning the NBA championship? Or will the Clippers be a zero win team because no one will play for them? (But really, surely Donald can find 7-10 dudes who will play just to be able to play in the NBA, or possibly he can field a hooded team, if you get my drift. Somewhere, someone will put on the uniform and play, despite how everyone else feels about it.)

At this point, I think just about anything is possible, including David Stern coming back to mediate by driving Donald out into the California desert never to be seen again. It’s ugly, and it’s ridiculous, but I don’t think anyone knows how this ends either.

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