Head Injuries at the World Cup

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There has been some criticism of FIFA after players suffering from what certainly appeared to be pretty significant concussions were allowed to continue playing after a very minimal evaluation. Given what happened to Christoph Kramer during the final, I don’t believe this criticism is going away any time soon.

“I can’t really remember much of the game,” he told the German newspaper Die Welt (as translated by The Independent). “I don’t know anything at all about the first half. I thought later that I left the game immediately after the tackle. I have no idea how I got to the changing rooms. I don’t know anything else. In my head, the game starts from the second half.”

No, in fact he played for 18 minutes after the injury, until he literally fell over and had to be helped from the field. But, no the examination he was given was thorough. Sure it was.

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