Ghana Takes Team Disharmony A Step Further

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We’ve definitely had teams at the World Cup in recent years that just don’t seem to click, for whatever reason, and teams that dislike their coach and don’t play hard, etc. Ghana though, seems to have taken that a step further as Kevin Prince Boateng and Sully Mutari have been dismissed from the team and sent home before the last group game against Portugal. Boateng for “vulgar verbal insults targeted at coach Kwesi Appiah:, and Muntari for an “unprovoked physical attack on an executive committee member”.

How much of this has to do with the team’s threat to boycott the game over unpaid appearance fees, we do not know.

Let’s see, the government having to charter a plane to send cash to Brazil in order to avoid having the team walk out because the players hadn’t been paid properly, physical attacks against team officials, and players cursing and insulting the head coach. I’d say things have not gone smoothly for Ghana this time around.

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