Isles Finally Make Good on Goaltending Need

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Before I get into the details, sorry for the recent radio silence. Between work’s annual user conference and all of the planning for my wife’s new job and our move to Oregon, following sports closely has fallen a bit off. On the plus side, this next football season, I’ll be able to tell just how much of an East Coast bias there is, living in PAC 12 territory!

Last year, of course, we all kind of killed Garth Snow for leaving the team with the same goaltending situation and “hoping” that it would go well. Obviously, it didn’t.

At the time, I saw the signings of Bouchard and Regin as worthwhile gambles, but wished the Isles had a goalie instead. A season, and a few transactions, later, those two players turned into Jaroslav Halak.

Plus, it’s a four year deal for reasonable money, so the Isles won’t be dealing with the financial impact of this contract 7 years from now. 😉

That’s a deal I’d make every time, but I wish we didn’t have to suffer through this lost season to get there!

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