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Seems like a couple of times a year, we go down to the wire in determining whether a team will actually be on the air in most of their fans households. This year, it’s the Dodgers, who sold their TV rights for a boatload of money to Time Warner, who is now trying to make up that boatload of money by charging significant prices to other cable operators to carry the channel.

This has been going on long enough that it might be time for some network to take an absolute bath on a TV rights contract. This is a market that is overdue for a correction. Rights fees for sports are unbelievable and they just keep going up, and cable providers are being forced to accept and pay for more and more sports networks, or run the risk of angering fans who don’t get to see the games.

Then again, the demand for sports on TV just seems to be going up. Eventually that has to change, right? How much sports programming can we watch?

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